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"Özəl" Medical Insurance Program by A-Group

A-Qroup Insurance Company provides "Özəl" health insurance program for individuals.
As it turned out, only corporate segments could benefit from voluntary medical insurance in Azerbaijan. Individuals can now also insure their health.
"Özəl" police provides medical care in the amount of AZN 15,000.
Police coverage includes:
  • Ambulance
  • Outpatient polyclinic examination
  • Stationary treatment
  • Free Check Up
  • 52 clinics and 42 drugstores
  • Planned and emergency dental care
  • Emergency vaccination
  • Drug supply
  • 24/7 consultant-dispatcher
The rules for providing medical services and payments in the "PRIMARY" program have been simplified as far as possible.
The insurance fee is calculated individually depending on your age, health and personal needs. For this you need to fill in the A-Group website - Also, you will be offered the opportunity to pay the insurance premium.
You can call and call all the city and mobile operators * 0909 for all questions.
A-Qroup Insurance Company, which has more than 21 years of experience in the medical insurance market, always provides high quality services and individual approach to its Insured.