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"Green Baku" by Pasha Insurance

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PASHA Insurance presents new compulsory and voluntary insurance of movable and immovable property by the name «Yaşıl Bakı» - «Green Baku».
This product consists of 3 packages: Plane tree (Çinar), Linden tree(Cökə) and Olive (Zeytun) tree , tariffs are determined, and everyone can purchase suitable package according to its own query.
In accordance of your choice, you will receive insurance coverage. It should be noted that this project has a social part; a tree will be planted according to the package of your purchase. Every 6 months employees of PASHA Insurance will count the amount of sold packages and plant a tree according to the data of sold packages. Thereby, you will make your own contribution on the tree planting in Baku.
Additional advantages of this product, that our customers receive, in case of the basic living standards would not match* the requiments we will be paying 300 AZN, 500 AZN, 700 AZN monthy** in accordance with the package.
*Uninhabitable apartments is determined by insurance experts.
**The rent for the apartment apply to apartments, which repairs will last for more than three days.
Everyone who receives these packages has a special Green Card and enjoys a variety of discounts. The list of discounted trading facilities is as follows:
• 166 Cargo Taxis 10%
Address: Sharifzadeh str. 168 A, AZ1000 Baku city
Phone: (012) 434 66 16 (050) 274 92 01, (050) 274 92 04
• H2O Dry Cleaning 20%
Address: Azadliq pr. 144 E; Han Shushinski str. 21
Phone: (012) 440-93-71; (050) 440 93 71; (070) 440-93-71
• Baku Cleaning Company 10%
Address: Heydar Aliyev pros.125
Phone: (012) 567 99 88; (012) 567 00 00
• PurePro Water Filters 15%
Address: Yasamal rnu, H. Zardabi 43. In front of the factory
Phone: (012) 408 73 96
• Diona Furniture 15%
Address: Yessemal ray., Abdulvahab Salamzadeh str., 593
Phone: (012) 432 66 37
• Optimal Electronics up to 20%
Address: Nasimi ray, N. Yusifbayli str. 42C
Tel .: (012) 954
Discounts do not apply to tablets, notebooks and phones
** discounts apply only to cash payments.
Note: You are kindly requested to submit your Green Baku cards to receive discounts.
Only for apartments located in Baku.
Insurance packages of «Yaşıl Bakı» - Green Baku covers the following risks:
* Fire, lightning strike
· Gas explosion used in the home and in the production
· Short circuit in electrical wiring
· Accidents in water supply, sewage pipes as well as pipes for heating and fire-extinguishing system; flood.
· Actions of third parties
· Natural disasters: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, hurricanes, windstorms, hail, lightning, floods, landslides, heavy rains;
· Theft; robbery
· Damage caused by vehicles
· Damage caused to property and health of third party

* One shall not forget to insure a property in order to avoid depriviation of estate in a big amount, as our property is one of the main and important things in life.

For detailed info: *7000 or