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Dövlət Sığorta Şirkəti
Məmmədov Məmməd Əhməd oğlu
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İ.Dadaşov küçəsi 260, Bakı, Azərbaycan, AZ1108.
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Until the revolution of 1917, Azerbaijan, which was part of the Russian Empire, had insurance societies in many countries - Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries. On May 28, 1918, the first Democratic People's Republic of Azerbaijan was established in the East. However, on April 29, 1920, the Republic of Azerbaijan was occupied by the XI Red Russian Bolshevik Army. The Democratic Republic was overthrown. Azerbaijan was proclaimed within the Transcaucasian Federation of the Soviet Socialist Republic and was incorporated into the USSR in 1920.State Insurance Management was established in Moscow in 1921 as part of the People's Commissars of the USSR in order to protect the financial and property of enterprises in the public sector. Establishment of the State Insurance System is intended to establish large network branches and representations throughout the USSR. On October 21, 1921, the local State Insurance Office was established in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Azerbaijan. All USSR State Insurance Offices have a large branch network in major cities and regions of the republic, regions and provinces. The State Insurance Office of the Azerbaijan SSR consists of 11 branches in Baku and 80 branches in cities and districts. After the collapse of the USSR in 1991 Azerbaijan regained its independence and the independent Republic of Azerbaijan was established. The State Insurance Bureau of the USSR collapsed and Azerbaijan State Insurance Company was established. In 1992, it was called Azerbaijan State Insurance Company and continued its activity as "Azersigorta".Currently, Azersigorta operates throughout the country and has 80 insurance agencies.The Company's head office is located in Baku, has a computer, teletype and phone connection with all city and district agencies of the republic. 700 people üork in company, of which 360 are staff members and 340 are out-of-staff employee.There are more than 30 insurance companies and brokerage and insurance companies representing several foreign countries operating in the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Azersigorta  always cooperates with them.Works in insurance services to provide quality and many types of assistance. Azerbaijani State Insurance Company Azerinsurance is among the top five insurance companies in the country.Having financial resources as an insurer creates wide opportunities for its participation in insurance operations and maintaining its profitability, exposing risks and expands its relationship with Insurers of other countries.The company works in various fields within the Republic and with a number of foreign companies to conclude reinsurance contracts and their placement. Thus, Lloyd reinsurance agreements and contacts have been established with the reinsurance brokerage companies, Great Britain, USA, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Iran, France, Switzerland, Japan and other insurance companies.Azerbaijan Insurance Company and its subsidiaries Azersigorta Insurance Company, Azure Insurance, AON Azeri, AIG, LukOil insurance, MinehRe, AzRe, MBASK, , "Tokyo Marine", "Mercuryy Assistance", "Tokyo Marine".